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    Delayed Decision for Proposition 8

    03/12/2012 Tags: proposition 8

    The Supreme Court remains tight lipped over whether it will agree to hear pending appeals on the issue of same-sex marriage. On Friday the court met to decide if it would review the pending challenges to the US Defence of Marriage Act which currently denies gay and lesbian couples the right to marry and the right to federal benefits.

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  • proposition 8

    California cannot deny gay couples of the right to marry

    08/02/2012 Tags: proposition 8

    The US Court of Appeals in San Francisco yesterday ruled voters couldn't deprive gay couples of the right to marry. The court stated "The only purpose of Proposition 8 was to lessen the status and dignity of of gays and lesbians in California".

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  • same-sex marriage

    Kim Kardashian and Gay Marriage

    Partners in same-sex relationships have pointed out in online comments that their partnerships, whether formally called marriage or not, have lasted decades. Other gay-rights supporters rage that it's people like Kardashian who harm the institution of marriage, not the gay and lesbian couples who want to wed.

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