Civil Partnership FACTS!

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 has enabled thousands of same-sex couples to formally commit to each other. A civil partnership can be commonly known as a gay wedding the gay and lesbian community celebrate their commitment through a wide range of events from a small scale registry office ceremony’s to a castle weddings in Wales.

In the UK the government are considering legal reforms which will enable gay couples to marry. Currently same-sex couples in UK can have civil partnerships and straight couples can marry. The gay community wait for positive news of full equality by giving us the right to marry.

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What is a Civil Partnership?

Gay couples can have their relationships legally recognised as civil partnerships meaning equal rights and responsibilities on a range of legal matters including:

  • Tax
  • Employment Benefits
  • Pension Benefits
  • Income benefits, tax credits and child support
  • Child maintenance fee
  • Right to apply for parental responsibility for partners child
  • Inheritance of tenancy agreement
  • Protection from domestic violence
  • Immigration and nationality purposes.

Changing your Name after a Civil Partnership

There is no legal requirement for either partner to change their surname when you have had a civil partnership however if you wish to do so you can do this by Deed Poll.

You can choose to:

  • Continue using your own surname
  • One partner can take the other partners surname
  • Both partners can change their surnames using double barrelled surnames or changing your surnames all together.

The civil partnership certificate provides the necessary documentation evidence of the change of surname.

If a lesbian couples wish to change their title from Miss or Ms to Mrs this can also be done by Deed Poll.

How do I Register a Civil Partnership?

To form a civil partnership you must let a registry office know about your intention to register a civil partnership.

The registration authority will then publicise civil partnership notices for a period of 15 days. After this 15 day period your civil partnership can then be granted.

Civil Partnership Certificate

More than just a piece of paper with a whole lot of legal mumbo jumbo behind it, your civil partnership certificate is a piece of your romantic history with your partner! Rather than just file it away in a safe place for future use you should rather find a creative way of displaying it in your home as evidence of the love, commitment and devotion that you and your partner have for one another.

To ensure that your civil partnership certificate is kept as safe as possible you should consider making at least two copies; be sure that you store one of the copies with all of your vital and valuable documents so that it can be readily accessed in case you need it for any reason!

An Elegant Frame
There is no better way to display your civil partnership certificate than an attractive and elegant frame that will fit into your décor. When you are selecting a frame for your certificate be sure that you pick one out that will be more than suitable for framing in a spot of pride in your home, but also a frame that will not damage your civil partnership certificate in any way! To further keep your certificate from damage be sure that you place it on a spot that will keep it out of the direct sunlight.

Your Memory Book
Creating a memory book of your special day is a great way to have a long-lasting memento of the day when you and your partner sealed your relationship in front of your friends, family, and in the face of the law! A copy of your civil partnership certificate is a great addition to the memory book that you create to commemorate the day of your civil partnership!

Your civil partnership is likely to be amongst the most special days in your life, and it is almost certainly the biggest day that you and your partner have shared together. By framing and displaying your civil partnership certificate in a place of pride in your home you will have a constant reminder of the love and commitment that you and your partner have for one another!

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