Gay Marriage Facts

Gay and lesbian members of society have fought hard for the right to marry and we continue to fight for equality with heterosexual marriage laws. It’s great that gay relationships can be recognised and celebrated and having a gay wedding is an excellent way to show family, friends, colleagues and the general public that gay and lesbian men and women want to commit to long lasting, loving, stable relationships and be seen as good role models in society.

Gay marriage laws all over the world are constantly being reviewed, renewed and in some cases nullified. The more we can set a positive example in countries where gay marriage is legal and campaign for equality in those places where gay marriage is not accepted, the more we can influence together, how other nations perceive gay and lesbian commitments.

We are enjoying gay marriage in several formats across the world from civil partnerships to civil unions and full gay marriage. We will continue to fight for full equality in those countries and lead by example so other countries will follow and introduce gay marriage laws.

10 Reasons for Believing in Gay Marriage

Love – This ought to be the first reason in anyone’s book as to why you would tie the knot.

Equality – Sick of being treated like a second class citizen – now you can enjoy equal rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples do.

Lifetime Commitment – Having someone to share all life’s little drama with can be a comforting thought. You are getting married because you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner.

Financial Security – some of the benefits and protection marriage will bring you include inheriting your partners estate and rights to their pension. Marriage will bring you financial security.

Positive Role Model – For many years gay and lesbian couples have not been able to publicly and legally declare their love for one another. Be a positive role model for the gay and lesbian community.

Somebody to love – your partner may well be your best friend as well. Someone who loves you through and through no matter what.

Share your Life – It’s not just those chores at home you want to share but all of the finer things in life from visiting amazing places together to a hot bubble bath at the end of long working day with the person you love.

In sickness and in health – Your partner will stick by you through thick and thin seeing you through the good times and bad. No matter what happens getting married seals your lifetime commitment to each other.

Publicly sharing your vows – You love your partner and want to tell the world. Getting married is your chance to publicly declare your love for that person.

Start a family – More and more gay and lesbian couples are becoming parents. If it’s something you have discussed there are lots of ways you can do it. Bringing a child into the world can be testing but it is a beautiful way for you to grow and develop your relationship together.

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