Gay Wedding Gifts

Creating your wedding gift list can be one of the most enjoyable parts of organising your special day. This is a unique opportunity for you to decide what you would want your friends and family to buy to celebrate your marriage.

Department stores are great if you are looking to receive traditional household items. Before you start wondering around the store compiling your list be sure to speak with a representative from the store about what gifts you can and can't put on your list.

If you are already cohabiting and don't need smaller household items then vouchers are another great versatile gift your can receive - these are really handy if you have something particular in mind you would like to purchase.
There are also a great variety of internet stores that enable you to convert your gift money into vouchers that can be used towards larger items such as dream holidays, household makeovers etc..

A wishing well is another popular way to receive money as a gift on your special day. These can be hired easily over the internet in a variety of designs and enable your wedding guests to simply deposit cash into the wishing well for you to collect at the end of your big day.

Deciding on your Gay Wedding Gift List

Your wedding gift list if one of the most exciting parts of organising your wedding, after all you get to compile a list of presents for yourself! Remember though, you are supposed to return the favour by providing your guests with ‘wedding favours’.

Having a gift list is a great way to balance what you personally would like to receive as a gift and what your guests would like to choose for you.

Gift lists from a department store are a really popular way to operate a wedding gift list. The department store will have a copy of your list online so that each time a guests purchases a particular item off that list they will cross it off the list so other guests know not to repeat buy. You will then be sent a list of who has bought what items so that you can send out personal thank you cards to each guest.

Another way to operate a gift list is to compile it online meaning you do not have to browse round the department store looking for gifts to add to your list – you can literally choose your wedding gifts from the comfort of your own home.

Gay Wedding Gifts with a Difference

It is likely that most gay and lesbian couples will already live together before you get married and therefore it is unlikely that you will require a great deal of household items that are found on traditional wedding gift lists from department stores.

A great way to operate a wedding gift list is to consider more adventurous gift’s such as golf weekends, scuba diving lessons, holiday vouchers or money in the currency of your honeymoon destination.

Donate to charity
If there is really nothing you require from a department store gift list and you don’t need help towards the cost of your honeymoon then you can always suggest to your guests that they make a donation to a charity of your choice.

Return the favour of a gift list with a ‘gay wedding favour’
Wedding favours are adult versions of a goody bag. They can be beautifully integrated into the theme of your wedding for example your colour scheme or design theme and they can be personalised for your event. A favour can be anything from a themed bag or box containing a small gift or something edible like sugared almonds or jellybeans.

Fun gay wedding favours
Think outside the box and have some fun with your wedding favours. Add to the favour box or bag some trivia questions (make them as rude or a fun as you want) or bubbles or heart shaped sparklers. This can be a great ice breaker for those guests who may be seated with people they don’t know too well. By the end of the night they will be having a great time.

Be creative and make your own favours
It is simple enough to fill your favour boxes with anything you choose. Be as creative as you want. If you are an environment lover why not fill your favour boxes with beautiful flower seeds or give a small sample of scented oils.

Another popular wedding favour is always a lottery ticket - this wrapped in a themed bag with a ribbon to compliment your colour scheme will always please your guests.

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