Civil Partnership Venues

A civil partnership can be formed in England and Wales at register offices or other approved locations such as hotels, stately homes, castles or places of interest. Your local council will provide you with a list of approved civil partnership venues.

Selecting the best venue for your civil partnership celebration can be a difficult decision if you find yourself with a large list of great potential venues! There are several things to consider about each of your potential civil partnership venues in order to help you to narrow down your choices.

Dates And Availability
You may have a date in mind for your civil partnership ceremony – perhaps a date that holds special meaning for you and your partner – which would then make it a lot easier to narrow down your choices by simply shortening your list to include only the venues that have availability on your preferred date.

If you and your partner have a fair amount of flexibility in the dates for your special event then you may be able to select your location based upon several other qualifying factors. Remember to pick a date that will not just work for you and your partners needs but also for the majority of your guests. You may find it difficult to get your friends and family members together for your big day around Christmas or even during Easter!

Before you make your final decision on your civil partnership venues it is important that you have an understanding of their reputation for hosting successful events. Consider looking into their reputation with the Better Business Bureau as well as do a bit of internet searching for reviews on the venue.

Willingness To Work With Your Budget
A reputable and good venue is more than likely going to be very willing to work with your available budget; no matter how large or small it is. Several of your selected civil partnership venues may even offer you a reasonable payment plan that will allow you to pay off the cost of your event over the course of a few months. There are bound to be packages that will work for every budget; with catering and décor options that not only fit neatly into your budget but that will also ensure your celebration is as perfect as you have been envisioning!

No matter which of your options in civil partnership venues you ultimately opt for, the most important part of your day is that is it as special as you and your partner have been hoping for!

A civil partnership can be formed in England and Wales at register offices or other approved locations such as hotels, stately homes, castles or places of interest. Your local council will provide you will a list a approved civil partnership venues.

Gay Friendly Civil Partnership Venue - does it matter?

Just because your dream wedding venue has not held a civil partnership previously does not mean that the venue will have homophobic staff and won’t be able to deliver on the day. That’s just not true. Gay weddings are relatively new so therefore only a small number of the population have had, been to and held a gay wedding.

However our advice is to visit the venue before you book and speak to the staff. Maybe take a small group of friends and have a meal or a drink. With some venues you will be able to tell straight away how accepting and welcoming they are. For those venues that are not friendly well don’t give them your hard earned money and let us know so we can advise others.

Pick A Venue
Perhaps one of the first steps that you need to do is to pick a venue to host your civil partnership wedding! Are you looking to keep your ceremony quiet, intimate, and officiated at your local town or city hall? Or are you looking to hold a bigger ceremony with many of your friends and family members in attendance to witness your magic moment?

A large part of picking the venue for your civil partnership wedding should be related to your allotted budget for your special event. A small and intimate ceremony that is officiated at your local town or city hall can be incredibly romantic and hold great meaning to you and your partner – after all, the most important part of your civil partnership wedding is that you and your partner are there together! If your friends and family members would like to take part in a celebration for you and your partner then perhaps you could host a backyard BBQ or an elegant dinner party that is as budget friendly as it is celebratory!

Plan Your Guest List
The planning of your guest list should be done carefully to ensure that you invite everyone that you hold near and dear to your heart. While budget is certainly a consideration when it comes to planning your perfect civil partnership wedding, there are several effective methods of planning a large celebration while on a budget. By keeping the food served at your celebration delicious but simple and well within your budget, you will be able to host more guests!

A large part of planning your guest list, especially if you plan on holding a much more casual celebration of your special day, is to do so with the mindset of which people will be willing to help contribute towards the food and drinks for your big day!

No matter how big or small your civil partnership wedding is, the most important aspect of it all should be a focus on the love that you and your partner have for one another!

Which Civil Partnership Venue do we Choose?

Don’t leave choosing your civil partnership venue until the last minute. Good wedding venues get booked up well in advance especially for peak times so if you want to be in with a shout of getting your perfect date then book early.

  • Take a list of questions with you about your preferences for your day and don’t be afraid to ask away.
  • Check the venues guest capacity as some venues have rooms of different sizes and others have only one reception room. So, if you are planning to invite 150 people and the venue can only seat 50 then there may be a slight problem.
  • Does the venue accept children? If you are planning to have lot’s of youngsters running around then check with the venue if they allow children and to what time in the evening.
  • Can guests stay at venue? Many guests will preferably choose to stay at the venue itself on the wedding and evening the night before if they are travelling a long distance. Ask the venue how many rooms will be available and if they offer special rates on rooms for guests of the wedding party.
  • If your venue cannot accommodate enough guests then ask them if there are hotels nearby they recommend.
  • Discuss decoration and theme with the wedding coordinator at your venue. If there is a particular theme you want make sure that they can accommodate it.
  • Ask your venue if there is anything you need to be aware of that they don’t allow as some venues may have unusual rules and regulations.
  • Discuss the in house catering. What menu’s do they have available and what are the price options? Can you mix and match?
  • Some venues will provide you with recommendations of local photographers and makeup artists who work regularly with that venue. It’s always worth checking these out and getting references.
  • Considering a Marquee? – Marquees can provide a great alterative to a hotel and nowadays have great heating and toilet families not to mention stunning décor. So, if you have a bit of land it may be worth talking to a marquee hire company.
  • Why not choose an unusual venue for your civil partnership – there are some rather unconventional places that are able to deliver gay marriages. Places include zoo’s, windmills, boat’s and mountains

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