Civil Union

Gay Civil Union Tips!
Have you and your partner decided to take the steps and join your lives together by way of a gay civil union? While you may already be committed to one another in every way possible, a gay civil union can be that little extra step to help solidify your relationship to those around you! With a bit of planning you can make your special day one to remember!

Large & Elaborate Or Small & Intimate
Take the time to sit down with your partner in order to determine how large of a gay civil union ceremony you want to have! Are you looking for a large celebration with all of your friends, family members, and co-workers? Or are you looking for a small and intimate gay civil union that will be simple, private and perhaps only have a few of your closest friends and only your immediately family members in attendance?

Remember that your gay civil union celebration is all about you and your partner so do not feel pressured into inviting more people to attend your celebration than you feel comfortable with!

Location Location Location!
Are you and your partner looking to have your gay civil union at the courthouse? Or are you looking to have your ceremony conducted in a much more private setting that holds special meaning to the two of you? At the end of the day the place where you exchange your vows with your beloved hardly matters; the most important thing is that you are together, holding each other’s gaze and exchanging those all important vows of love and commitment!

Dressing The Part
Determine what you and your partner will be wearing; as this is likely to be a much photographed occasion it is important that you look and feel your best! If you are both planning on wearing an elegant suit or even going with the more casual blue jeans and white shirt option – the important thing is that you feel comfortable while you are exchanging your vows with one another!

Your gay civil union ceremony is a day that will be filled with wonderful memories of your love and devotion for one another – make sure that you take the time to focus on your partner and that you both enjoy your special day!

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