Once you have popped the big question and you have announced your engagement to your friends and family you will be wondering where to start with your gay wedding planning. It can seem like a big task but we have all the information you will need to plan your perfect day.

Good gay wedding invitations are not that easy to find but here at GayWeddingDestinations.com we have made it easy for you. We have sourced the nicest designs, the best quality from handmade to quality printed and all at the cheapest prices available anywhere so you can find your perfect gay wedding invitation right here.

We have all the best tips on what to buy and some great money saving ideas for designing your own gay wedding stationary. Our exclusive Pink Proposal range will ensure that your wedding invitations leave your guests impressed and eager right from the start.

Next on your list might be your hen or stag do alternatively known as your bachelor or bachelorette party. Traditionally these parties where seen as the last night of freedom for the bride or groom but nowadays and especially with gay weddings they are a joint celebration and can be anything from city breaks, spa weekends to sporting events or globetrotting.

Once your hen or stag party is firmly out of the way your wedding day will almost be upon you and to help you take away a little bit of the stress you should already have in place your wedding insurance package. This will give you extra piece of mind to make sure you are not left out in the cold if there is a disaster with anything from your wedding outfit, to the florist, or your gay wedding venue.

Finally you can dream about your honeymoon and enjoying your new husband or wife’s company. We can help you choose your gay honeymoon destination with our helpful tops and inspiration for the perfect romantic break.

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Ideas for Popping the Big Question

On a beautiful mountain

If you like walking it won’t seem to strange to be up a mountain. The scenery and space you have to yourselves will offer the perfect setting to propose in whichever way you choose from getting down on one knee to strategically placing the ring somewhere in your picnic for him or her to find!

A famous landmark

You should both remember the day you pop the big question but choosing a famous landmark to do so will make sure you never forget and will be great when you are telling your friends how it happened. So, if you are planning a trip to the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building then take that ring along with you.

At home your own personal way

If you want uninterrupted romance for when you ask your partner to marry you then perhaps choose to do it at home. A romantic idea is to lay a path of rose petals out to your garden or a special place in your house while your partner is in bed and then lead them by the hand or blindfolded to that place where the ring and a glass of champagne awaits them.

We are engaged, now what?

Your partner has popped the question and you have said yes! This is the most romantic time of your life and you can look forward to your happiest day.

Engagement Rings

If your partner did not place a ring on your finger when they asked you to marry them, then now is the time to go engagement ring shopping or if you are a gay man go ‘engagement’ ring shopping! You can look online or have a bespoke ring made especially for you.

Wedding Engagement Rings for Lesbians
There are several different styles of engagement ring from classic cut solitaire diamond to coloured gemstone band of rubies or emeralds. Diamonds are after all a girl’s best friend so why not choose this gist to remind your wife to be how much you love them.

Get an idea of what style your partner likes before you go out and choose the ring. If it’s a surprise you can look for clues in what type of jewellery they currently wear. Try to borrow a ring they already have so that you can get the size right.

If all that sneaking round is not for you then why not go shopping together for your engagement rings. You can then choose matching or complimentary rings.

Gay Wedding Engagement Rings for Men
‘Mengagement’ rings, as they are otherwise known, are a great way for men to show their love and commitment to each other in the build up to their wedding day. You can choose to have matching engagement rings or choose your own style based on personal preferences.

What if I hate the engagement ring?
If the ring has been recently bought then the chances of you swapping it are quite high. If your partner has given you a ring that has been passed down through the family then you could sensitively suggest to have the stones re-set. If you think your partner may be due to ask you to marry them then maybe start trying to pass some hints as to whether you would like an engagement ring and if so what types of style you prefer.

The Gay Guide to Getting Engaged

Is it the right time for you both?
There comes a time when you will know when its right. It may be that you have been together a long time or you are just so in love and you know that person is the one. Life is short - don’t waste time, if you want to commit to that one person for the rest of your life then pop the question. We have equality now (in some places) and you have a right to publicly declare your love for each other.

Help - I'm Engaged

So you are engaged, you have got the ring and you’ve had the engagement party. Now it’s time to start planning your wedding and name the date. GayWeddingDestinations.com can act as your gay wedding planner and give you lots of help and advice on planning your wedding from wedding planning tools to a budget planner and table planner. You can email us at any time for help and advice.

As soon as you are engaged you will want to start thinking about setting a date for your gay wedding. If you are the superstitious type you may want to take into consideration the following folk law:

Monday for wealth
Tuesday for health
Wednesday the best of all
Thursday for crosses
Friday for losses
Saturday for no luck at all

Judging by the fact that most couples choose to get married on a Saturday they do not listen to folk law. Friday is the second most popular day and it is easier to get the venue you want around the dates you want on a Friday as this day if often more so available than a Saturday.

If you are dreaming of a sunny day for your wedding then choose June, July or August although obviously there is no guarantee that it won’t rain unless you choose to marry in a country with limited rain fall.

Other popular times to get married are Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day although you will need to think about the availability of services on the day such as florists and transport hire.

You can always pick a date that is special for both of you such as the day you got together, your first kiss or an anniversary of when you got engaged.

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