Gay Wedding Budget

So it's time to talk money. This isn't always the most comfortable conversation you will have however ensuring you organise your special day within your budget is an important starting point. Traditionally with heterosexual marriage the father of the bride paid for the bulk of the event with other costs being shared out between the groom and parents. Thankfully for us times have changed and same-sex marriage means we have two brides or two grooms and perhaps two sets of parents who can share the cost of the day. Whatever you decide to do be sure to consider all aspects of your day and complete a budget planner as soon as possible to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Download our free wedding budget planner

Ok, let’s talk money.
It’s never easy to sit down and talk money, but weddings, no matter on what budget you can stick to, our costly events. In some families parents will help out and with gay marriage there are two brides or two grooms so you cannot get away with ‘the father of the bride’ paying as in this instance both fathers of both brides would be liable for that one.

Nowadays it is common for the couple getting married to pay the bulk of the money themselves.

Starting married life in debt is not good so try to work out how you will pay for your wedding i.e. do you have savings, will you start a savings account, will you ask family?

How much does a gay wedding cost?
The average cost of a gay wedding in the UK is £8,000 which equates to approximately $13,000 USD. This includes the highest price factors such as £1,200 for the weddings rings, £800 for the wedding outfits, £3500 for the reception. Spending varies from couple to couple so it is important to remember that this figure is an average so that’s not to say you can’t do your wedding for £3000 or go all out and spend £20,000 plus. That’s why it’s important to look at how much money you have and see what type of wedding you can have for that money. You will be surprised how far you can make your money stretch.

Tips for how to have a cheap gay wedding

Gay Wedding Venue

  • Book your wedding venue for a weekday
  • Book in low season
  • Book well in advance

Gay Wedding Outfit

If you have decided to go for a traditional bridal outfit you may want to check out your nearest bridal fayre as there is often a bargain to be had. You can sometimes get an off-the-peg wedding dress at a fraction of the cost compared to the high street.

Wedding Hair

If you are having your hair put up you may want to consider going along to a college hair and beauty section where they are always looking for models to practise on. Often 3rd year students can offer you some excellent designs. Some high street hair shops also offer ‘model nights’ when they present hair designs for exams and are often looking for people whose hair they can work on.

Gay Wedding Photo’s

If you have a talented fiend who enjoys recreational photography you will be surprised at the quality of photo’s you can get from asking a trustworthy friend to take some photos of your wedding day using a good digital camera.

All guests can also chip in and forward their best photos from the day and night to you. This will save on the cost of hiring a professional photographer.

Wedding Cars

You don’t have to hire wedding transport – try to think about any of your friends or friends of friends who have a great looking car that you could get a lift to your ceremony in.

Budget Planner

To help you be well organised our budget planner will help you know how to allocate money to different areas of your wedding budget. Make sure you always leave a contingency pot for any hidden extra costs and this will leave you well prepared.

One of you is likely to be the more organised partner so this person is likely to be the one who keeps a list or note of everything that is spent. You could open a specific bank account which will help you to keep track of your wedding costs.

The average cost of a gay wedding is £8,000 ($12,000) with regular same-sex weddings reaching up to £20,000 ($30,000). A budget plan will help you to manage the cost of your wedding and make sure that everything is accounted for. Our estimate spend figures are based on feedback from customers but you can tailor the costings for your wedding to suit your needs.

Item Estimated Cost (£)

Notification of Marriage 33.50
Ceremony registration 40
Marriage Certificate 3.50
Flowers 300
Photography 500
Video 300
Transport 250
Stationary 300
Gifts for wedding party 200
Insurance 50

Venue Hire 2000
Cake 150
Catering 2500
Entertainment 300

Engagement Rings 500
Wedding Rings 1000

Fashion & Accessories
Outfits 1000
Accessories 300
Shoes 200
Bridesmaids Dresses 300
Flower Girl & Page Boy 100
Beauty Treatments 100

Honeymoon & Spends 4000

Hen or Stag Party 200

TOTAL 10,379.50

Wedding Savings
In order to have the ideal wedding that you have always dreamed of you may well need to save up. Think about how long your engagement will be in order to leave enough time for you to build the required savings. You may have to make adjustments in your everyday living expenses and cut back on some of the finer things in life for a short while. Be certain to put every extra penny away and be disciplined with the money that you manage to save.

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