Gay Wedding Ceremony

It can be difficult to select the ideal ceremony location for your special day. While some couples have the ideal venue in mind prior to the proposal, it can definitely be difficult to find somewhere you both love to exchange your vows. Your ceremony location should be a place that holds special meaning for both of you. offers you the largest selection of gay friendly wedding ceremony locations worldwide. We have new venues advertising with us every day so be sure to visit us again if you don’t find what you are looking for this time. Whether you choose to hold your special day at home or travel abroad we can offer you a huge range of beautiful venues that have welcomed same-sex marriages before. Our venues are all gay friendly and will do everything to make you feel welcome and relaxed on your special day and provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

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Tips for the Groom

Suits you Sir: Your wedding day is the one and only time you can afford to treat yourself to a nice designer suit. It will make all the difference on the big day and you will look sharp. There are plenty of options for men to wear matching, complimentary or out of the ordinary outfits.

David Dickinson or David Beckham: If you are of pale complexion a nice golden glow can really accentuate your wedding photos and give you a great sense of health and wellbeing. If you have never had a spray tan before then do not leave it until the day before your wedding as if you have a skin reaction you will be in big trouble. See how long it takes for your tan to fade and you can plan how far in advance of your wedding to have your tan.

Hair: Don’t take any chances with hair experiments before your big day – go to a recommended barber or use your usual stylist who you trust. A fresh hair cut and a sharp suit will leave you looking amazing.

Special Gift: Surprise your partner on the morning of your wedding with a romantic gift such as a piece of jewellery. This will be something he can keep as a personal memento of your special day.

Gay Friendly: There are unfortunately not so friendly services out there so be sure to plan your wedding with gay friendly venues and services. Go visit your venue before you sign on the dotted line and speak with the staff. The last thing you want is disapproving looks on the day of your wedding.

Tips for the Brides

Wedding Outfit: Be yourselves. If you don’t want to wear a dress then don’t. There are plenty of stunning outfits to suit all shapes, sizes and personalities. Don’t try to please anyone else but you and your partner – it’s your day!

Shoes: Lesbians and high heels?? If you have never worn a shoe with a heel before then your wedding day is not the ideal time to begin. Choose a shoe that compliments your wedding outfit and something you are comfortable in as you will be wearing them all day and all night. Even if you are wearing a dress you can wear Doc Martins – at we have seen it all.

Make-up: Even if you don’t typically wear make-up from day to day consider it on your wedding day by doing a trial run – maybe when you have your wedding outfit fitting. Make-up applied well by oneself or a make-up artist can really accentuate your wedding photo’s.

Hair: The day before your wedding day is no time to be going for a completely different brave new look. If it’s a disaster there is no turning back. Your wedding day should be planned well in advance so consider your outfit and how you will wear your hair. Will you choose any accessories for your hair? Do a trial run with your hairdresser if you are having a special style for your big day.

Lesbian Friendly: There are unfortunately not so friendly services out there so be sure to plan your wedding with lesbian friendly venues and services. Go visit your venue before you sign on the dotted line and speak with the staff. The last thing you want is disapproving looks on the day of your wedding.

Gay Wedding Vows

Saying your vows is perhaps one of the most emotional parts of your special day. This integral part of the ceremony is your chance to tell your partner how much they mean to you and how much you are looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together. It is a very romantic moment and the perfect place to express your feelings.

Most civil ceremonies will enable you to write you own vows however they will also provide a traditional template for you to use or make any amendments that are personal to you.

Writing your own vows can be difficult and can take a lot of thought. Using poems, songs or other inspiration can be a useful way of interpreting what you mean to say.

Avoiding Wedding Regrets

Avoid these regrets at your gay wedding:

  • The day went so fast! – Your wedding day will fly by so don’t be caught in a situation where you don’t remember anything. Plan and prepare your wedding well before hand and on the day just relax, take everything in, pace yourself and enjoy it.

  • Mingling with the guests – Try to get round each table as early on in the evening as you can and thank your guests for coming. This way you won’t feel like you are spending the entire day and night trying to please everyone else. It’s a good idea to hang around by the entrance to your evening reception venue to greet your guests as they come in.

  • Thank you’s – If you know you want to personally thank someone special such as your wedding planner or your parents during a speech then make a note of it. You won’t be able to turn back the clock if you forget and you may feel very guilty afterwards.

  • Honeymoon Blues – To avoid feeling blue about a not so exciting gay honeymoon destination then consider saving money in other areas to enable you to spend towards a rather more luxurious honeymoon package.

Cancelling your Wedding

We hope it never happens to you but it’s best to be prepared as weddings can get cancelled for a number of reasons not just if a couple split up. If this scenario arises for you, you will have to formally inform your guests by recalling the invitations. In the event of postponement you should re-issue invitations.

Unique Gay Wedding Ceremonies

If you are looking to be original and have a unique gay wedding ceremony then you will firstly need to consider your theme.

Do you and your partner have an interesting hobby or past time that you would like to become part of your wedding theme? Maybe you have a passion for Volkswagen Campervans or your love Harley Davidson Motorbikes – whatever your interest you can bring it to life at your wedding.

Once you have decided on your theme you can thread this theme into every part of your big day with:

Unique Invitations
Unique Favours
Unique Gifts
Unique Venues

If your guests are people who have attended lots of different weddings the ceremony and reception can often appear very similar from one wedding to another but if you are a guest attending a gay wedding with a unique theme then it will be an amazing day to remember for everyone if you theme it with your individual style so go wild and live a little!!

Gay Wedding Toastmaster

A toast master can be male or female – their role is to greet your guests, make announcements and ensure the reception flows smoothly.

Toastmasters look great and really add a special touch to your wedding day. They can often be humorous and add an extra focal point to your wedding.

Often your guests will be left to mingle by themselves and it’s great to have someone around who is trying to stick to time and ensure your guests are in the right place at the right time.

Gay Wedding Transport

Your wedding car can be as unique as you are - there is no shortage of wedding car hire companies to choose from so be sure to search the market and choose something that reflects your wedding theme.

Most wedding cars come with highly trained and experienced chauffeurs ensuring those last tense moments before the ceremony pass in style and comfort. Your chauffeur will collect you from your home or pick up point and transport you to your wedding venue in style. Sit back, relax (well try to!) and enjoy the beginning of your big day.

Gay Wedding Readings

To help you in your search in this section we have some popular gay wedding readings.

Ask your registrar how many readings you are allowed and then sit down with your partner and think about whether you both have a favourite poem or passage of writing that may be suitable.

Search online or go to the library to see if you can find any readings that you both like.

Wedding Music

It's not just music for your first dance that you may wish to consider but many gay and lesbian couples now have music for their entrance and exit from the ceremony, entertainment for the reception and perhaps a band or DJ for the evening.

Choosing the music for your service should be a choice personal to you and your partner - which songs reflect you as a couple or have special memories for you? Remember not to go picking any hymns as at a civil ceremony you will not be allowed to select any religious songs.

You may choose to hire a string quartet or harpist before or after the ceremony – this can provide an elegant entrance for you and your guests. The type of music they play should not be too loud or overwhelming to prevent conversations between guests. Choose music that you really like and ask the musicians if there is anything they recommend to give you some ideas. Generally hiring a solo harpist will be cheaper than a string quartet as price can be based on the number of musicians.

Ensure your musicians know exactly how long they are booked for, how long they should play for and how long they may break for between sets.

Gay Wedding Roles

Choosing your best man/best woman, bridesmaid, ushers or witnesses can be an emotional time. Where possible be sure to pick someone you feel comfortable with and can trust. Of course it is most acceptable in gay marriage for male partners to choose a best man each and indeed for lesbian couples to have a selection of bridesmaids or a best man/woman. One of the great things about same-sex marriage is pretty much anything goes - boundaries are most definitely crossed and so if a lesbian couple wish to have a 'best man' then so be it. For a smooth running wedding it is important that everyone involved in the big day delivers their part. To ensure this happens everyone should know and understand what part they are expected to play.

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