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Of course you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day so you must consider factors such as hair, make-up and well-being.
It is popular for both men and women to now treat themselves to facials, massage, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicures, cosmetic treatment, waxing and pampering. This is all before the big day! Then there comes the hair and make-up...

Hairdressers and beauticians are readily available to be hired to work for you on your special day either in a salon or at your wedding destination. So if you decide to treat yourself to some professional help you should be sure to base your choice on recommendation. We would advise you meet with your beautician and/or hairdresser prior to your event to discuss and try some different styles so that you feel comfortable on the day and can plan any hair accessories for your wedding outfit well in advance.

If you go it alone ensure any beauty or tanning treatments you try have been tested on your skin well before your big day as you don't want to turn up with skin irritations or streaky tan marks for all to see!

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Skin Care

For men and women it’s not just looking good but feeling good that is important on your wedding day especially when you will be having photography taken all day and night long.

If you are using a make-up artist he or she will advise you on how to best prepare your skin for your big day to make sure it’s glowing and fresh. A great tip leading up to your wedding is try to cleanse your skin as much as possible at least three months prior to the big day. You can do this by drinking plenty of water, exercising and using recommended skin care products to tone and moisturize.

You can really treat yourself in the build up to your big day so consider visiting beauticians for a waxing of whatever parts could do with tidying up or why not enjoy a full body massage or a Reiki session to relax you.

Teeth Whitening is becoming really popular and you can get treatments relatively cheaply now. This is a great idea if your teeth are not in the best of condition as it can be a great short term fix and will do so much for your wedding photo’s.

Botox is not just for Hollywood. If you are concerned that unwanted wrinkles will spoil your wedding photo’s then why not have a consultation with a specialist to see what they can do for you.

Make Up

If you are not someone who usually wears make-up it may be worth considering a trail run before your wedding day- perhaps when you go for your outfit fitting as a little bit of make-up can go a long way and can really accentuate your wedding photo’s. Subtle is good – you don’t have to shovel the make-up on. If you are using a make-up artist tell him or her that you don’t usually wear make –up so to go easy with you. Make-up artists are fantastic at lots of different looks and if you tell them what you are wearing, what your hair style will be and any accessories you are wearing they will apply your make-up to compliment your style.

If you are wearing mascara on the day be sure to choose a water proof product as no matter how hard you try to hide your emotions there may well be tears.


Quite what to do with your hair on a daily basis can be enough of a chore but selecting a style on your wedding day can be a real headache.

Long hair can be worn in many ways including shapely soft curls, tied back, tied to the side, half up half down or sweeping over the shoulder curls. The most classic style is perhaps the high air fairytale bride style which is sleek at the sides and is perfect for showing off a tiara. You can glam up short hair with a tiara or subtly places diamonds or flowers.

If you are going for a completely new style then have a trial run well before your wedding day to ensure there are not disasters on your big day.

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