Legalities of a Civil Partnership

In the UK a civil partnership is a secular process and you are therefore prevented from having any kind of religious service. You will need to ensure that the music you choose to walk down the aisle and your chosen vows and readings do not contain any religious connotations as your ceremony has to be free from any mention of religion.

To register a civil partnership you must sign a civil partnership document in front of two witnesses and a registrar.

UK Civil Partnerships

Are you and your partner considering joining your lives legally by have a civil partnership? UK laws are amongst the most lenient in the world when it related to the civil partnership. If you reside in the USA then you may have a bit of confusion or require a bit more clarification as is related to the civil partnership laws!

Granted in 2004 the Civil Partnership Act in the UK gave same-sex couples the same rights and the same responsibilities that are granted to civil marriages between a man and a woman. In a civil partnership, UK law grants the partners in the relationship the same rights to property as well as the same exemptions on inheritance taxes, social security benefits as well as on pension benefits. Civil partnership, UK laws state, provides the partners the same full rights to each other’s children as well as the responsibility to pay maintenance to one of the partners and their children in the event that the relationship dissolves.

If the relationship does require a dissolution there is a formal and legal process, very similar to divorce, that can ensure that the process is done in a fair and just manner – within the protection of the law.

  • A civil partnership, UK laws define, is established once each of the partners has signed a civil partnership document in front of a registrar and two witnesses. Civil partnerships, UK laws prohibit, cannot include any religious notes – that includes readings, symbols or even any religion-related music.

There are several other countries that permit civil partnerships and recognize them as being legal unions including Canada, South African, Sweden, and Belgium. Other counties that recognize civil unions and registered partnerships include Germany, Luxembourg, and Denmark. If you and your partner plan on relocating to a new country it is important that you take the time to ensure that your civil partnership is legally recognized in that country so that you will be afforded the same legal rights as in your home country.

Civil Partnership Rights

Before you and your partner take the giant leap and legalize your union with one another it is important that you understand what your civil partnership rights will be once you and your partner both sign on the dotted line!

Understanding The Basics
The most important part of understanding your civil partnership rights is to recognize that when you complete the civil partnership ceremony you and your partner will be given the same right and the same responsibilities of a marriage between a man and a woman. Same-sex couples have fought hard for the right to have a legally recognized union that affords them the same benefits of a civil marriage; it is important that you understand what that entails.

The benefits to completing your civil partnership are that you will be allowed the same rights to any shared property during the course of the partnership. You will receive the identical exemptions that married couples receive on this like social security and pension benefits and also on inheritance taxes. In the event that your partner falls ill you will be afforded the rights of next of kin so that you can be the one to do more than be informed of all things related to the care and treatment of your partner but so that you can also be the one to make the all important medical decisions related to your partner’s care. Of all benefits that is perhaps one of the most valuable; imagine being unable to receive vital medical information on the condition of your beloved simply because the law does not recognize you as being the next of kin!

Your civil partnership rights will also permit you the ability to be named the beneficiary in all insurance policies which can prove to be a source of comfort and security in the event of a tragedy within your family.

Remember, also: while no one likes to think about the ending of a relationship it is vital that you understand what the repercussions will be in the event of the dissolution of the partnership. Similar in nature to a divorce, there is a formal legal process to end a civil partnership; you may find yourself with a responsibility for paying maintenance to your partner and any children of the relationship.

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