Organising your Gay Honeymoon

As soon as you book your wedding date you should aim to look at securing your honeymoon especially if you are considering travelling at peak times in the holiday season. Ensure you have budgeted for your honeymoon as this should be your romantic trip of a lifetime where you get to indulge in luxury. Many couples initially underestimate the cost of flights, venues, insurance, special trips etc... so be sure to cover all angles

Your gay honeymoon is the perfect way to reward yourselves for all of the preparation you have put into your wedding and it will be the first chance you get to spend time together alone as Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs.

Many couples ask for money towards their honeymoon as their wedding gift so this is a great opportunity to go the extra mile and perhaps take that holiday of a lifetime you have always dreamed of.

Some of the most popular gay honeymoon destinations are:

  • Canada
  • California
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • Italy
  • The Caribbean
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Bora Bora

If one partner has decided to do a surprise honeymoon then just make sure you know your partner well and what type of honeymoon they will enjoy. For example if your partner hates being active on holiday and they love just lying on a beach then think about going the Caribbean but if they get bored after two days soaking up the sun then you may want to choose a touring honeymoon and drive across Canada.

For most gay couples sitting down and planning your dream honeymoon is great fun and such an exciting time. Remember that not all honeymoon destinations are gay friendly so if you are a really ‘out’ couple who enjoy strolling down the beach hand in hand you may not want to visit a country where that kind of behaviour is not only seen as offensive but illegal so plan your trip carefully.

Booking your gay honeymoon
Of course you can plan your own gay honeymoon by searching for flights and hotels online but if you book an organised package deal through we will ensure a stress free way to book your trip and will ensure that your gay honeymoon package is fully tailored for you and includes some special romantic touches. We ensure our packages bring you the best possible value to keep your costs low but bring you the highest standard.

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