Seating Plan

How easy the seating plan process is depends on who you invite, and how many guests can fit on each table. Try to sit guests together who you feel will get along. Spread the noisy guests out so that they can create a buzz around the whole room not just on one table. There are some great wedding quiz’s you can purchase to add some ice-breakers to your guests tables and remember free wine or champagne on the table does the atmosphere no harm.

Strictly speaking the top table is generally reserved for bride & bride or groom & groom and their parents along with best man, bridesmaids etc... In order for your caterers on the day to know who has specific dietary requirements you will need to have a seating plan. Write each of your guests names down on a post it note and use an A4 piece of paper to represent each table. Stick each post it note on the A4 pieces of papers and move them around until you are happy with the seating plan.

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