Sperm Donation

If you choose to donate sperm to married lesbians though a registered clinic you will have no parental rights or responsibilities. This is a great option if the male does not wish to be legally responsible for the child. If you donate to a lesbian couple who are not civil partnered you would legally be recognised as the child’s father.

Using a free sperm donor for sperm donation can certainly reduce treatment costs. Using internet connection services such as Co-ParentMatch.com is a great option for lesbian couples. Once you find a sperm donor, fertility treatment can be undertaken at a licensed fertility clinic or using home insemination as a method of conception especially in co-parenting arrangements.

As a lesbian getting pregnant can be achieved through a licensed fertility clinic using methods such as IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (intra vitro fertilization) or by home insemination. Home insemination can be successfully achieved using an artificial insemination kit.

It is very important that you know the best time to inseminate in order to give the highest chance of getting pregnant. In order to successfully conceive may take at least three months to achieve by inseminating 2-3 times per month during your 'fertile window'. However for some women pregnancy can take up to 12 months, meaning your donor must be committed if you are using either home insemination or artificial insemination through a clinic.

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