Telling Your Parents I'm Getting Married

For many of us ‘coming out’ the first time was hard enough but now you have to do it all over again and come out with the line “I’m getting married”. If you are telling your parents then it is likely that you are open with them and have their love and support. While telling your parents you are getting married may be ok, telling your gran or an elderly relative who doesn’t even know you are gay can be difficult. That’s why you can ask your parents to do that job for you!

When you tell your parents you are getting married they may not know what is involved and what their role is so reassure them and prepare yourself so that you are already armed with the information. Talk about your plans for the big day, where you want to get married and what type of theme you are considering.

Many parents of gay and lesbians couples are over the moon that their child is getting married as they probably never thought they would see the day! You will be surprised how much some parents want to get involved form dads walking their daughter down the aisle to mums making the wedding favours.

Dealing with Disapproving Parents

It is a real shame, although not uncommon at all, for some parents of gay and lesbian men and women to firstly disapprove of their sexuality. While parents can often get over their hurdle of dealing with the fact that their son or daughter is gay to actually accept that they are committing to their partner for the rest of their lives and attend their gay wedding and share their blessings can be a difficult time for the parent.

This can often cause disharmony for a gay couple getting married and decisions have to be made about inviting parents, parents not attending if they are invited or parents attending and looking disapprovingly throughout the occasion.

You will know what is best for you and your partner whether you choose to just have a very small ceremony with you and your two witnesses or you choose to invite your disapproving parents and just focus on you and your partner throughout the ceremony. If you are in this dilemma then consider the fact that it’s your day and your lives so don’t try to please others on your special day to the detriment of yourselves.

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