Wedding Rings for Men

The wedding ring is a pubic symbol of your love and commitment to each other. Choosing the right wedding ring for you both can be a difficult task so don’t leave the shopping too late.

Your style of wedding ring should reflect your personality and if you wear an engagement ring it should complement the style of the ‘mengagement’ ring if you have one. Wedding rings come in all different shapes sizes and metals. Most male wedding rings are bands to symbolise a never ending circle of love however it is more and more common these days for a wedding band to include diamonds in the design and lot’s of men go for this design with celebrities like David Beckham leading the way.

Gay wedding rings can be different, matching or complimentary. You can buy readymade rings or you have your own rings specially designed and in scripted for your perfect wedding day.

When should you buy your wedding ring?
Think about buying your wedding rings at least two to three months before your wedding day and if you are choosing a bespoke design you should think about ordering it up to six months before your big day to allow time for design, re-design and fitting.

Buy wedding rings on the High Street or Online?
You can check out your favourite designs on the high street and try some rings on for shape and size. You can also browse the internet to give you an idea of lots of different designs in a short space of time. Don’t forget we have specially designed jewellery and lesbian wedding rings right here. We have consulted with specialist gay wedding jewellers to bring you a stunning selection of unique designs for lesbian weddings.

Sizing your wedding ring
If you are buying your wedding ring from a high street jewellers they will measure your finger in store to size the rings. If you buy your rings online most companies will send out a ring measurer before you place your order to ensure you have the correct size. Remember your fingers will swell up in the heat and shrink in the cold so size you rings at room temperature if you can.

Do I need wedding ring insurance?
You may want to consider insuring your wedding and engagement rings as almost a quarter of all newlyweds lost their wedding ring within the first 5 years of marriage!

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