Package Includes

  • Exclusive Rent of Castle for the blessing ceremony & reception
  • Garden's use for Symbolic Ceremony
  • Blessing Celebrant (in eng)
  • Accommodation in Castle for max 20 people for 3 nights
  • Photo services (max 4 hours, photo on DVD)
  • Musician for Ceremony & Reception (up to 5 hours)
  • Wedding Dinner for 20 persons
  • Wedding planner assistance (for the whole organization and during the wedding day, up to 5 hours)

Romantic Wedding in a Castle of Rare Beauty

Package for 20 guests for 3 nights €14,500 Make an enquiry about this package

Castello is a unique place where relax, pleasure, beauty, history and wonder are joined in a single happiness moment. Castello is a few steps from the down town of Florence but, thanks to its position, its guests could enjoy their stay in the absolute tranquility of the Tuscan countryside.

Castello boasts a very long history that seems to precede the foundation of the city of Florence and during the centuries many important personalities stayed in Castello. The terrific panorama that offers its position was even praised by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Extras you may wish to consider:

Extra to be paid upon request (all below prices are vat 21% excluded)

  • Flower design for the ceremony and reception from 4000 euro
  • Make up + hair do from 440 euro per person


  • Caricaturist who caricatures on paper: € 1.000,00
  • Chinese shadows, for a maximum of 30 minutes: € 2.700,00
  • The profile artist: with scissors and paper, to cut guests’ profile: € 1.250,00
  • Tattoo artist with henné and Swarovski: € 1450,00
  • Bodypainting on hands, wrists, arms and face or back ect..: € 1900,00
  • Photografic Set: € 2.200,00 inclusive of scenography with a poster you can choose, with 400 photos which will be developed and put on a CD; digital photographic equipment, with photographer, technician, computer, lights for the setting

This venue is highly requested, so we strongly recommend to book this location in advance.

We can provide a full range of services up you request: identify and book alternative place for the celebration and reception, study and set up of the floral design, photos service and video footage, music and entertainment of guests, accommodations and any other needs that you may have.

Booking your gay wedding abroad

*Any items not listed above may be subject to an additional charge e.g. registrar fees, legal documentation (where applicable), wedding photographer. By requesting a specific quotation from our wedding planners you can ensure you have all of your requirements and you will be given an accurate quotation based on your specific requests and the price will be valid for 30 days. All text/photographs are kindly supplied by our wedding planners. Further photographs of your wedding venue are available on request.