Package Includes

  • Rent of Juliet’s house for the blessing ceremony. *Ceremonies can only be celebrated on Monday morning
  • Blessing Celebrant (in eng)
  • Photo services (max 4 hours, photo on DVD)
  • Musician for Ceremony
  • Wedding Dinner for 2 persons
  • Wedding planner assistance (for the whole organization and during the wedding day, up to 5 hours)

Romantic Wedding in Verona

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The legend of this house and its famous balcony arose from the first dialog in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, one of the most performed scenes in the history of theatre.

It was in this very house that the eternal lovers professed undying love to one another.

In fact, popular lore identifies the Shakespearean Capulets as the Del Cappelos, the noble family that owned this building for a very long time (from the thirteenth century) and whose coat of arms is carved over the arch inside the courtyard.

Over the centuries, this house has become one of Verona’s most representative sites and is the destination of hundreds of visitors who arrive each day from around the world in a desire to pay tribute to love.

The Medieval residence, picturesquely restored by Antonio Avena in the early twentieth century, features a beautiful internal facade made of exposed brick, a Gothic portal, trefoil windows, a balustrade that connects the various sections of the house from the exterior and, of course, the famous balcony.

The interior contains furnishings from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, frescoes relating to Romeo and Juliet episodes, and Veronese Renaissance ceramics. The rooms on the upper level have a wood trefoil ceiling, with coffers that are painted blue and feature gilt stars.
The bronze statue of Juliet by Nereo Costantini is displayed in the courtyard.

This venue is highly requested, so we strongly recommend to book this location in advance.

Booking your gay wedding abroad

*Any items not listed above may be subject to an additional charge e.g. registrar fees, legal documentation (where applicable), wedding photographer. By requesting a specific quotation from our wedding planners you can ensure you have all of your requirements and you will be given an accurate quotation based on your specific requests and the price will be valid for 30 days. All text/photographs are kindly supplied by our wedding planners. Further photographs of your wedding venue are available on request.