Package Includes

  • Exclusive Rent of the Abbey and Garden for the blessing ceremony & reception (from 18:00 till 24:00)
  • The guided tour in the Abbey
  • Blessing Celebrant (in eng)
  • Photo services (max 6 hours, photo on DVD)
  • Musician for Ceremony & Reception (up to 6 hours)
  • Wedding Dinner for 20 persons
  • Wedding planner assistance (for the whole organization and during the wedding day, up to 6 hours)

Wedding in an Ancient Abbey

Package for 20 for €15,200 Make an enquiry about this package

Between Camogli and Portofino, a deep inlet along the indented coastline of the Promontory of Portofino is home to the famous abbey of San Fruttuoso in the intact fishing village of the same name.

After its initial monastic use, the complex at San Fruttuoso was a humble home for fishermen, often a den of pirates and later the property for centuries of the Doria Princes: an absolutely unique place where the work of men integrates perfectly with Nature.

The monastic complex of the X-XI century with the cloisters, the Chapter House and the church can all be visited; as well as the Doria tombs and the XIII-century Gothic section by the sea.

The Abbey can be reached only by foot on an arduous mountain trail, or by boat

Most of the current abbey dates back to the X-XI centuries, while the body facing the sea, with its fine "loggiato" with two orders of mullioned windows, was built in the XIII century thanks to the donations of the Doria family.

Lightly oval spherical dome was surmounted in the X century in accordance with the Byzantine style by an octagonal tower with open-face strips in keeping with the Ottonian tradition

Along the road that links the abbey and the fishing village, dating to the XVI century, there is a steep staircase leading to the tower of Andrea Doria, built in 1562 by the heirs of the admiral, Giovanni Andrea and Pagano, to defend the hamlet and its providential source of fresh-water from Barbar pirate raids.

The two facades of the tower overlooking the sea have the shield of the Doria Family, the imperial eagle, while other decorations can be seen on the cornices and the trusses.

Extra's you may wish to consider:

Extra to be paid apart upon request (all below prices are vat 21% excluded):

  • Flower design for the ceremony and reception from 4000 euro
  • Make up + hair do from 440 euro per person


  • Caricaturist who caricatures on paper: € 1.000,00
  • Chinese shadows, for a maximum of 30 minutes: € 2.700,00
  • The profile artist: with scissors and paper, to cut guests’ profile: € 1.250,00
  • Tattoo artist with henné and Swarovski: € 1450,00
  • Bodypainting on hands, wrists, arms and face or back ect..: € 1900,00
  • Photografic Set: € 2.200,00 inclusive of scenography with a poster you can choose, with 400 photos which will be developed and put on a CD; digital photographic equipment, with photographer, technician, computer, lights for the setting

Booking your gay wedding abroad

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