Package Includes

  • Rent of the place for the ceremony
  • Blessing Celebrant (in eng)
  • permission to shoot + photo services (max 2 hours, photo on DVD)
  • typical vessel from the past centuries called “Lucia”, which will be decorated for the occasion, and driven by a set rowing with their typical clothes of Renzo from the novel “Promessi Sposi” (to the island and back)
  • Transfer from the ceremony to the restaurant
  • Dinner for 2 served in the restaurant with the spectacular lake
  • Wedding planner assistance (for the whole organization and during the wedding day, up to 4 hours)

Your wedding in a unique location: on a single island of Lake Como

Now your wedding can be held truly in a unique location - on a single island of Lake Como - Comacina Island. This package for just €4,460 Make an enquiry about this package

 Now your wedding can be held truly in a unique location - on a single island of Lake Como - Comacina Island.

Island Comacina - the only island on Lake Como. Its area is only 600 meters long and 150 meters wide. It has a glacial origin and is covered with Mediterranean vegetation, just as the landscape that surrounds it.

Comacina, still known as San Giovanni, was an important fortress because of its geographical position. For centuries the island was an enemy and a friend and Como - it depended on circumstances and time. The island has undergone a lot of attacks of conquerors, but Comacina and his people were able to overcome all obstacles to the independent and peaceful life.

Now we can enjoy the ancient churches and unique buildings, which in our time comfortably settled fine restaurants, museums and galleries.

The wedding ceremony will be held in the open air overlooking the lake.

We can provide a full range of services up you request: identify and book alternative place for the celebration and reception, study and set up of the floral design, photos service and video footage, music and entertainment of guests, accommodations and any other needs that you may have.

Booking your gay wedding abroad

*Any items not listed above may be subject to an additional charge e.g. registrar fees, legal documentation (where applicable), wedding photographer. By requesting a specific quotation from our wedding planners you can ensure you have all of your requirements and you will be given an accurate quotation based on your specific requests and the price will be valid for 30 days. All text/photographs are kindly supplied by our wedding planners. Further photographs of your wedding venue are available on request.